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Each year, a list of the World Heritage sites is unveiled by the United Nations. Over the past 28 years, the UNESCO has identified more than 180 natural wonders across 77 countries. These World Heritage Sites are unique, irreplaceable, and authentic. Recently, UNESCO has recognized many imposing mountains and reservation zones of China, Africa, and America such as China Danxia in China , Phoenix Islands Protected Area in Kiribati , Réunion National Park in France, Papahanaumokuakea in Hawaii and so on as the new world heritage sites. Let’s begin our tour to these places through the following photos below:
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Phoenix Islands Protected Area, Kiribati


Phoenix Islands is the world’s largest marine protected area with hundreds of species of fish, mammals, and birds. The region is about 6,000 miles northwest of Fiji in the South Pacific.

China Danxia, China


China Danxia, China with its red sandstone pillars, ravines and other fantastical shapes.


Homes have been built right into the red sandstone structures

Papahanaumokuakea, Hawaii


The region has clear lagoons and extensive coral reefs which help protect marine life around this set of tiny islands and atolls in northwestern Hawaii. It is said that spirits return to this area after death.

Réunion National Park, Réunion Island, France


The region lies in the southwest Indian Ocean approximately 400 miles off the eastern coast of Madagascar. It is towered over by two volcanic peaks


Another perspective of Réunion Island. Nearly half of the island is a national park.


A panorama of Réunion Island’s rain forest

Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania

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The Ngorongoro Conservation Area covers over 3,200 square miles. It is home to many zebras, wildebeests, and big cats.


Ngorongoro has been recognized as a World Heritage site since 1979. And it was expanded this year. It’s the place where evidence of humanity’s distant ancestors was discovered.

Prehistoric Caves of Yagul and Mitla, Oaxaca province, Mexico


Archaeologists discovered the historic cave dwellings with rock art in the central Mexican province of Oaxaca, about 340 miles south of Mexico City.

Putoransky State Nature Reserve, Russia


This nature reserve is located more than 62 miles north of the Arctic Circle in northern Central Siberia

Central Highlands, Sri Lanka


There are many leopards, slender loris, and other endangered animals roam the Sri Lankan highlands

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